Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Credit Applications

I miss being an exhibits manager.  As nutty as exhibitors can be, they are the poster children for sanity compared to hotel sales departments.  After being stalked endlessly for December 2012 contracts, which finally made it through legal and were signed, now I am being stalked for a credit application.  What?!  Are you being serious?  You need payment information for a meeting in 3 years?  I'm annoyed.

Mainly I'm annoyed because I did not catch the line in the contract that said that the contract is not complete unless accompanied by the payment.  Live and learn I guess, but it does make me miss arguing with exhibitors.  Usually at the end of the day I could talk an exhibitor into being resonable.

This whole episode really makes me hate this hotel brand, and I have no desire to ever plan another meeting in this particular city again.  In the interest of not dragging names through the mud I won't mention either, but please compare to the City of Monterey, California.  The conference center and hotel folks in Monterey have been nothing but accomodating and helpful. 

Being new to this group, I don't have the hotel and bank references off the top of my head and I don't have ready access to those files.  So, my day came to a complete stop so that I could research...and add one more thing to my list of things to watch out for in hotel contracts.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Heart Decorators

After a long 5 months of being involved with a brand new local food and wine event, it was a huge success today.  It was my first local event and my first consumer event.  I'm not a huge fan of either one.  Give me a B2B trade show any day.  And this, friends, leads us to today's title line - I Heart Decorators.  As I was climbing a rickety ladder to hang a banner I was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to call my Champion rep and let her know I needed a banner hung.  That's why I love decorators...they hang banners...so I don't have to.