Friday, August 6, 2010

Marketing Genius

I have been meaning to blog all week, and today is the day that something moved me so much, I had to drop everything.  I just talked to the marketing person for a company that will be coming to an upcoming show and wanted to know what opportunities were available for them to make a splash.

Unfortunately, with the show in less than two months, I don't have anything that could really help him accomplish everything he wants to do, but I do have some things available that can definitely raise the visibility of the company.

This boy, and I believe he is young enough to be called a boy, told me:

"I am not one to talk highly of myself.  I'm not cocky or anything, but I am a marketing genius".

Yes, those are quotes because those were his exact words...and he was serious!  I had to get off the phone with him quickly because I was worried about the uncontrollable laughter bubbling up inside me.

People, I think I am good at my job.  I think I am smarter and better than the average person in my position.  However, this is not an opinion I share with random people, and I have NEVER called myself a genius.  Well, I have, but not with a straight face. 

I cannot wait to meet the boy onsite.  I am putting him on my must-see list for this conference.  Stay tuned for that.