Friday, March 12, 2010

When A Meeting Planner Says You're A Problem Attendee, We Are Not Flirting

I have always worked for male dominated organizations in my career so I have had my fair share of dealing with unwanted advances and drunken stupidity.  The conference that I am working on this week is for a group of younger people (ages 18-35) of an association.  It's a great group that helps builds leaders for the association.  I first met one of the attendees at last weeks conference when he was being a small problem.  Nothing major, but I told him he was trouble and that he needed to do exactly as I said.  To this man, I was flirting.

At this evenings event, he walked past me and grabbed a part of my anatomy that he had no business grabbing.  He was very drunk, so I kindly told him that in order to keep his hands, he needed to keep them off of me.  He was very apologetic at that point...more or less...but that's when I realized that he had taken my words the week before as my special way of flirting.  It wasn't.

To be honest, I was feeling kind of bad because I really hadn't been that nice to him the week before.  He's just one of those attendees that didn't pay attention to anything that had been sent and, more importantly, didn't care.  I'm against this behavior and try to do my part to discourage it.  Evidently I'm a miserable failure at that.  I will have to work harder.

I was probably a little meaner to him tonight than I needed to be when I told him only special boys get to touch me and he wasn't special enough.  He was sad and said "I'm not special?" to which I replied "you're don't eat the paste special, but that's not special enough".  Tomorrow should be fun.  With any luck at all he'll have forgotten the incident and we can move on with everyone's hands where they belong.

New rule for attendee packets: when the planner tells you to do something, it's not a pick-up line; we actually want you to do it because you are either being an obstacle or about to be an obstacle to our success. 

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